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Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad driver, failure, crashes, Karma caught on Dashcam in North America 2020

All of the video are used with the rights of copyright holders! (Check the comment section of all links below) ✔️ ⚫ Send your Dashcam video : … . (tagsToTranslate) road rage (t) road rage karma (t) brake test (T) truck (t) instant karma (t) the Justice (T) Fender Bender (t) Lorry (T) valve (T)…

Car Accident on dashcam Crazy driver cut me off and flipped my Toyota Prius

I was driving along in traffic when an uninsured underage teenage driver pulled out in front of me flipping my 2010 Toyota Prius. The car was totaled, luckily I … .(tagsToTranslate)car accident(t)dashcam(t)dash cam(t)car wreck(t)toyota(t)prius(t)2010(t)car totaled(t)flipped(t)rolled(t)roll(t)accident(t)whiplash(t)concussion

Instant Karma: bad driver pulled over, caught on dash cam! Thanks GRPD!

This car pulls out in front of me as i have a green light. What the driver failed to notice was the Grand Rapids Police Officer right behind him!! .(tagsToTranslate)instant karma(t)karma(t)instant(t)drive pro(t)dash cam(t)dashcam(t)DP520(t)Grand Rapids(t)grand(t)rapids(t)michigan(t)pulled over(t)GRPD(t)grand rapids police(t)police(t)near miss(t)accident(t)fail